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Your Choice of Healing Sanctuaries

Both treatment areas are dedicated to provide you with a healing tranquil environment. Your journey to wellness begins here. This whole process will awaken your natural healing power through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and truly is so much more than just needles.

Semi-Private Healing Alcoves

Allow yourself 30-40 minutes for this treatment. This is everything you need for a complete renewing experience in a peaceful haven. After needles are placed in the various points on the body, patients rest while listening to our waterfall and ambient music. Each Semi-Private Healing Alcove has a massage table with fabric linens, eye pillows, and bolsters. Depending on your treatment/diagnosis your treatment may include these therapies individually or combined:   Acupuncture, Adjunctive Therapies – Cupping, Diet and Nutrition recommendations, Electro–Acupuncture, Herbal Consult/Review for Chinese Herbal Formulas is included, Heat therapy, Tui-Na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage)

Private Healing Suites- Our Signature Treatment

Begin your journey inward in your own Private Healing Space. This complete TCM treatment is perfect for more difficult, emotional, and challenging times in life, or if you just want that extra pampering! In addition to all the services received within our Semi-Private Healing Alcoves (listed above), you will receive:  Longer personal one on one time with our Acupuncturist assisting you with personal Lifestyle Coaching.  This is our longest treatment approx 60 min. in length. And with no distractions, you can relax fully and enjoy the feeling of sinking deep into a luxurious memory foam topped massage table with fabric linens and bolster. These comforts help you to go deeper and easier into a peaceful mental state while listening to a Guided Meditation with earphones during your treatment.  Aromatherapy scent provided– depending on your treatment needs. Afterwards enjoy a complimentary bottle of water to rehydrate.  Overall this process makes it so much easier to connect with your inner self and get the most out of the total experience.

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