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Sustainable Water Dispenser

Saving our environment-

WE choose to ban single-use bottled water and use a sustainable water dispenser. Check out the facts below:

We give all of our patients a cup of water with Chlorophyll & Mint to refresh them after a treatment; and highly recommend drinking another large quantity of water be consumed immediately following their treatment to extend the benefits of their treatment.

Our patients often refill their sports bottle to keep hydrated.

Bottled water waste is a major concern for our world.

Just a few items we address by avoiding the use of bottled water:

  • It takes 3 liters of water to produce   1 liter of bottled water
  • Landfills being filled up
  • Energy used to produce them
  • Transportation by trucks
  • Petroleum used to make bottles, etc...

Natural Retreat Setting


To Mary, one of our patients, our office feels like a "retreat" when she comes for her treatments.

We maintain a pure, clean, and natural environment in and outside of our clinic. Blooming flowers greet you and fresh bamboo are placed throughout our clinic to create an inviting calming space.

The Feng Shui Interior Design is inspired by nature using the 5 elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine: 

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Metal
  • Air
  • Fire

Recycling &


Wasting Less-

  • We use only recycled paper bags for you to carry your herbal formulas home in.
  • We use & recycle office paper, plastic herb bottles, and all recyclables.

What does 100% GREEN mean for you as an AHA Patient?

Learn 6 Things we do

to enhance your healing process

with this Natural Medicine.

Acupuncture by Waterfall

Relax to the sounds of nature.

Sounds of water flowing permeates throughout our clinic from our seven tier water fountain.

Many of our patients have commented they already begin to relax as soon as they walk through our door.

Acupuncture Clinic

Chemical Free

For the wellbeing and health of our patients and those with allergies or chemical sensitivities, we maintain an "odor free" office space.

We use only essential oil blends & natural extracts foaming hand soap.

Our treatment linens are laundered with a soap that is a hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin, dermatologist tested, 100% free of perfumes & dyes.

Acupuncture by Solar

100% Solar

Our Tucson Acupuncture Clinic has installed a solar panel system to produce 100% of our electric needs.

Benefits to our environment:

• Produces no emissions and is replenished naturally

• Reduces greenhouse gases

• Saves the release of 2 lbs. of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) for each kilowatt hour (kWh) produced

• Saves the use of one-half gallon of water for each kWh of solar energy produced

• Saves the release of other emissions that result from the burning of fossil fuels such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide or mercury

• Makes use of one of Arizona’s greatest natural resources – sunshine