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Most people breathe shallowly so the lungs and the blood don’t get enough oxygen to do their job so we may feel tired, depressed or anxious. The correct way of breathing is to breath from our belly, like infants do. As you inhale, expand the abdomen and fill the lungs from top to bottom and when you exhale, contract the abdomen and empty the longs from the bottom to the top. Imagine a bellows as you breathe and you’ll get the idea.


About 80% of the people that go to the emergency room are dehydrated; they get a saline solution in their veins and wa-lah, now they are fixed! In our busy lives we forget the basics and water is one of the most important, 80-90% of our body is water so our bodies need it for everything. You know what happens when your car engines runs out of oil? It dies and so do we! Please drink at least half a gallon of water a day, if you work outside or sweat a lot, drink more.


Gift yourself with half an hour of being outdoors walking. Walking does miracles, it moves you energy and the body can adjust the blood sugar, your temperature, your mood, you raise your spirit, and so on. Exercise is very important and necessary for everybody!

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