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Why is it an important part of your "AHA" experience?

Juan performing exam on patients eye.

Iridology Exam

Your eyes are "windows" into your body's state of health

examination with juan in his clinic room.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Pulse Diagnosis

Our bodies have a natural rhythm (flow of blood) and for thousands of years the TCM practitioners palpate your wrists to diagnose your health.

Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye. It is a modern diagnostic tool that shows the patient’s health conditions. Based on the patterns, colors, markings, and other characteristics of the iris, our Acupuncturist can literally see how your body is functioning as well as your emotional state.

Juan explaining examination to patient about his eyes.

You will look at your iris photo while Juan explains and interprets the markings, colors and characteristics that correlate with your health condition. He will then take your pulse, look at your tongue to create a TCM diagnosis. Juan will create a personalized treatment plan for treating your illness, symptoms and the root cause.

patient examination with juan his office, looking at image of an eye.

Juan will also:

  • Review your health history

  • Discuss your ultimate health goals

  • Determine frequency of treatments to meet your current & ultimate health goals

    Iridology and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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    For thousands of years TCM practitioners have observed the eyes as a diagnostic tool. For TCM Professional Practitioners every part of the body affects the whole, and the eyes change when the body changes in order to process and adapt to the difficulties we experienced every day. Our Traditional Chinese Medicine manuals, like the Neijing have statements like these:

    • “All internal organs reflect in the eyes”
    • “The liver opens to the eyes”
    • “The eyes reflect the state of the Shen and Jing”
    • "The Jing of the five Yin and six Yang organs ascends to the eyes"

    These statements were made thousands of years ago and are applied by today’s TCM practitioners. Furthermore, as shown in the picture, 3 acupuncture channels begin in the eyes and 1 end in the eyes. We observe the eyes to see the patient’s condition, when the eyes look dull, the patient is weak and her/his condition is serious. After the acupuncture treatment, we check the eyes again to see how effective the acupuncture treatment was.

    Eye chart for diagnosis.

    Iridology makes it easier to see what is going on inside of the body because it has zones in the iris that reflect different areas of the body. The eyes are a like a video camera that keeps recording how the body and mind process and adapt to the challenges of daily life. The eyes change color and/or shape according to what happens to our bodies and how it affects our lives.

    These signs or changes are easily translated into a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis and from it, design an acupuncture and herbal treatment program to bring the patient’s body back to health.

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