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Juan Ramón Tejada was born and grew up in El Salvador, Juan came to New York City at age 21 and became a US citizen. Before becoming an Acupuncturist, Juan worked with IBM as a Customer Engineer and later as an Instructor and Course Developer. His training includes: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Tui-Na (Oriental Massage), Life Style Counseling, Diet Counseling (based on food energetics as viewed by OM), and Meditation. Juan has also learned and taught Tai Chi, Chi Gung and Taoist Meditation. He also conducts/teaches healing and spiritual workshops and does Long Distance Healing.

Formerly owned & practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine in his many clinics over the years in Tucson, Sierra Vista, Hereford AZ, and in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Juan is currently practicing in Tucson AZ at American Health Acupuncture.

Why I became an Acupuncturist?

One day while in Atlanta, Sara, his 14 year old daughter, called him asking to be “signed into a psych clinic”. When asked why, she replied, “I’m depressed”. Fortunately for everyone, Juan could not go and sign her in at that moment. Juan explained his situation and offer to take the following morning off and go with her to the clinic, and she agreed. After hanging up the phone, Juan thought about all the people that he had known with depression and none had ever overcome/healed the depression. Juan explained this to Sara and gave the choice of trying Oriental Medicine (OM) or going to the clinic the next day. Sara understood and chose OM; from the first Acupuncture treatment Sara seemed different. On the way to the treatment she was quiet and withdrawn but on the way back she was talking and laughing, three months later after Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Sara was a normal teenager again. This episode changed Juan’s life. He witnessed that OM actually heals people, helping them live happier and in harmony with their environment in a natural way. From that time on he began to prepare to attend OM school. In 1994, he quit his job with IBM and headed to Santa Fe, NM where he attended the Southwest Acupuncture College. He graduated in 1997 with a 4-year Master Degree of Science in Oriental Medicine. (MSOM)

Acupuncturist in Tucson

Juan R. Tejada

Acupuncturist/Owner - In practice since 1997


 “It is an honor to help people during their difficult times of illness or pain, and seeing their lives transformed into ones free of pain and full of joy.”