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Transformation Workshop

Universal Soul

In this seminar you will learn:

· Wake up Chi Gung (practice)

· The make-up of your being

· Why the Soul is so important

· Questions

· 10 minute break

· Why save the SOUL?

· A SOUL Meditation

· Practice the Soul Meditation

•INCLUDES Soul Meditation CD (30 Min CD

-It is important to practice the meditation everyday!)

Ever wonder what these sticks are used for in our Acupuncture Office?

Take a class and learn more.

Meditation has been used for thousands of years in the East and Middle East but in our culture is not included. Our way of life is focused on instant gratification. We look to the outside for love and acceptance; this is harmful because we seldom find what we are looking for, so we become frustrated and stressed. In meditation we access our inner wisdom and we begin to see what is important to us, what brings joy into our lives and what brings suffering. People that meditate experience fuller lives, they are filled with joy and contentment, and their stress levels are low in relation to people that don’t meditate. For your health and well being, MAKE MEDITATION a part of your life!

* Examples of meditations: Taoist 5 Elements, Reconnecting to the Universe, & many Customized meditations.

Healing Workshop

Bone Qi Gung

This workshop teaches an amazing way to help your body's circulation continue to operate at optimum.

Our Acupuncturist, Juan Tejada, will show (if you are already an existing patient) how to focus on specific areas on their body based on their health issues and everyone on how to give your whole body a daily circulatory treatment every day using Bone Qi Gung!

Guided Meditations

Meditation is an important tool to calm your mind.

Life Coaching

As the saying goes “I can’t see the forest from the trees ”

When we are depressed or angry, we are not able to see the cause of it. To feel better we medicate ourselves; but that is only a temporary Band-Aid.

A Lifestyle Coach helps you to look at things in a different way, “to change your point of view” so you can accept your present condition and begin to work on changing how you do life!

* Some examples of topics: Relationships (Family, Social, Work, Romantic), Stress Release, and Life Goals.

Lifestyle Workshops

To assist you in your daily walk through life…

Our Acupuncturist, Juan R. Tejada, offers different speaking appearances, informational talks, & healing workshops that you may schedule.

Workshop Cost:

* Groups must be a minimum size of 10 - 15 - depending on the topic.

* Fees are determined by the length of the workshop and any materials provided ie:  Bone Qi Gung Sticks, Meditation CD's, Guasha Tools, Hand outs, etc.

* * * On this page are a few examples:

Please contact us for more information and to sign up. (Hablamos Español)

Living Healthy

Empowering Workshops

These Living Healthy empowering workshops offer many topics infused with Juan Tejada’s unique life coaching skills from the Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view.

These motivating workshops are designed to provide individuals with the tools and wisdom for living a fuller much richer life and learn a new perspective on emotional and physical health and long-term actionable strategies for living healthy & joyful:

food for the mind, body and soul.