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Treating Symptoms & Healing the Root Cause of Illness

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How Do We Get Ill?

Emotions are the beginning of illness. Why?

Because we were taught that it is Wrong to express how we feel. We bottle up our anger, fear, guilt, and so on. Over time all these repressed feelings become physical illness like pain, cancer, fibromyalgia, headaches, etc.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine each organ deals with a particular emotion and they are also color significant.

◾The Heart:  Emotion=Joy

If unbalanced you have anxiety, insomnia, feel empty, heavy chest, and bad circulation.

◾The Spleen: Emotion=Worry

If unbalanced you have digestive problems, lack of energy, forgetfulness, heaviness in the body, mental & muscle weakness.

◾The Lungs: Emotion=Sadness & Grief

If unbalanced you have breathing problems, sadness, allergies, skin problems, colds, or flu’s.

◾The Kidneys: Emotion=Fear

If unbalanced you have low back and knee pain, coldness, difficulty breathing, prostate, or sexual and reproductive problems.

◾The Liver: Emotion=Anger & Depression

If unbalanced you have headaches, Extreme PMS, painful periods, digestive/acid regurgitation problems, or constant irritability. You don’t like anyone, including yourself.

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) enhances your recuperative power and immunity to promote natural healing. It also improves physical and emotional health and overall wellbeing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been proven safe and effective for over 5000 years, and has been the primary medicine for billions of people. It treats the whole person by facilitating positive changes in your body, mind, and spirit. After receiving treatments, our patients tell us how their “AHA” experience has changed their life. Most of them say they don’t completely understand it, but it’s like a miracle!

◾Relaxed, peaceful & present

◾More energized & motivated

◾Look & feel younger

◾Improved circulation

◾Increased immunity

◾Conquer depression

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes Acupuncture, Medicinal Chinese Herbs, TuiNa, Meditation, Diet, ChiGong and Lifestyle changes.