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Individual Hypnosis CD's

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  1. Transformation
  2. Lose Weight Now
  3. Stop Smoking Now

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well”. -HIPPOCRATES

“If you want to heal your body, you must first heal your mind.” -PLATO

“Change your mind and change your life.”

What is required from you:

☼ The motivation to do it.

☼ The expectation that it will work.

☼ Relaxing and doing self hypnosis.


After one HypnoPuncture session with Sherry, I felt like a new person. As per my request, she conducted a general treatment to strengthen my resolve to eliminate some of my bad habits, including smoking, and to help me nourish my body with a proper diet, plenty of water, and exercise. The seeds she planted in my subconscious have begun to grow, and now, it is becoming second nature to give myself only the good stuff. Her compassion, clear intention, and natural talent really shine through, and I’m so grateful!          - Lorianne Ochmanski

HypnoPuncture does all this, and more, by combining the ancient powerful body-wisdom of acupuncture

with the modern cutting-edge techniques of hypnotherapy.

HypnoPuncture Starter Package

HypnoPuncture Package includes:

Your Initial Consultation with our Acupuncturist and Hypnotherapist (both consults/exam total combined are up to 1 hour)

5 – 1 Hour Sessions – in a Private Acupuncture Treatment Room

Ear Seeds/needles

1 Hypnosis CD (recommended listening to 2 twice a day to reinforce the hypnotic suggestions and affirmations)

Chinese Herbs*

*Note: The Chinese Herbs are additional (Average price for 2 week supply is $25.00 per formula)

* With the HypnoPuncture package you will come in for a series of 5 Treatments in a period of 3-4 weeks. Treatments must be   used within that timeframe to obtain maximum results.

Smoking Cessation

If you are ready to Quit Smoking and want the help of a natural healing therapy, then what you need is a technique that will help you physically, emotionally and psychologically at the same time! These combined therapies will support your body through the difficult withdrawal period and the treatments will help you to focus your mind and emotions on becoming a non-smoker. Note:  We also have wonderful Chinese Herbal Formulas to help your body with detoxing the nicotine out of your body and to help lessen the withdrawl symptoms from the body naturally.

Weight Loss

HypnoPuncture works by changing your subconscious attitudes towards food , giving you more control over your eating habits . This will help you to STOP habitual snacking, ELIMINATE comfort and emotional eating, and reduce portion sizes. You will soon be making healthier nutritional choices and find that you have so much more motivation to exercise. We also give your body an amazing energy lift using the ancient body wisdom of acupuncture. This will boost your metabolism , banish lethargy , and increase your energy levels . HypnoPuncture really does make losing weight so much easier, and by just eating sensibly and exercising regularly you can lose the weight .

Conditions treated with HypnoPuncture- but not limited to:

◾Promote Self Healing - Emotional/Physical

◾Weight Control

◾Quit Smoking

◾Panic & Anxiety

◾Stress Management

◾Confidence Building

◾Pain Management

◾Sleep disorders

◾Concentration & Memory

You will return home with....

ear needles or seeds for continued treatment. The ear needles/seeds are placed on key acupuncture points to be pressed on and left in place, as long as they are comfortable, to aid in the treatment process.

You will also receive a Self-Hypnosis CD* to listen to in between the sessions, this helps to reinforce the changes you are making.

* The Self-Hypnosis CD is designed to work powerfully on changing your subconscious attitudes towards food or smoking or other conditions, giving you more control to change your habits. The Self-Hypnosis CD will have a positive effect on your self-esteem and sense of well being. You will experience guided imagery with suggestions for healthy alternatives and motivation to achieve your personal goals. The CD's that are available is one of three. all are a multi-use pre-recorded CD for various life changing habits, ie:  weightloss, smoking cessation, & transformation of pain or mental agreements.

Chinese Medicinal Herbs are also a major component in the overall healing process. Along with the Acupuncture, the herbs help to bring you into balance, open Qi blockages, as well as healing the organs for your overall health. You will take those as directed by the Acupuncturist.

What to Expect

Your first visit will include a consultation where our Acupuncturist and our Hypnotherapist will ask many questions concerning your current health and your symptoms and your needs. The Acupuncturist will also do an Iridology Exam/Assessment and review your initial paperwork. Then the Acupuncturist and Hypnotherapist will create an individualized treatment plan that includes your goals for the overall treatment and the changes that you want to make in your life. The Chinese Herbs for your healing will also be determined at that time. Approximately 15-30 Minutes for each consultation. 

The balance of your HypnoPuncture Treatments...

will begin with a brief acupuncture consultation to assess how you are doing and what your needs are for the session. As you rest on the table, our Acupuncturist will apply the needles. Our Hypnotherapist will then come in and begin an induction and deepening process using pleasant imagery to guide you into a deeper state of relaxation. As you relax more and more and begin to go into different levels of consciousness our Hypnotherapist will be communicating with your unconscious mind, giving positive suggestions that will enable you to make desired changes and achieve your goal. While the hypnotherapy is performed, the needles remain in for about 30-40 minutes. Then the Acupuncturist comes to remove the needles after you are brought out of hypnosis. After each treatment, you will want to drink at least half a gallon of water per day. This aids in the healing process and continues to flush out the toxins in your body. Each session is approximately 1 hour long.

WHY USE HypnoPuncture?

By using Hypnosis during your Acupuncture treatment (HypnoPuncture) you will communicate with your subconscious mind to create healthy thoughts that cause healthy behaviors. Experience guided imagery with suggestions for clarity of thinking and motivation to replace outdated patterns with new healthy alternatives.

By becoming the master of your thoughts you can change your world. It is no secret, successful people do this all the time.

HypnoPuncture works with your mind, body, & spirit at the same time, so overcoming conditions like smoking, over-eating and many others, will no longer feel like an impossible task. By using the combination of Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture you will become more motivated and inspired to achieve your goal of a healthy, balanced life.

Two of the most requested HypnoPuncture services are help with:  Promote Self Healing & Weight Loss

(See the many conditions treated below)

HypnoPuncture…brings together the healing power of Hypnotherapy & Acupuncture.

 When used together, the effectiveness of these two healing modalities is multiplied and creates significant positive changes in those who are

ready to make changes in their lives.

American Health Acupuncture

is the 1st to bring the cutting edge therapy of HypnoPuncture to Arizona.