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"I never thought acupuncture could do anything to relieve my lower back pain. But after a couple of treatments, I was sold for life. I have a herniated disk that gives me problems a few times a year. I am a police officer, and to do my job I have to be 100%. After hurting my back it would usually take 1-2 weeks to get back to normal. After having acupuncture my recovery time is cut in half. Thanks to American Health Acupuncture I can get back to work protecting our community." 

- AZ DPS Officer

  • - Det. D. Heltemes, AZ Department of Public Safety


"Juan Tejada has been my Acupuncturist for over seven years and the changes he has brought about in me have been remarkable. I have used his services to treat conditions such as chronic heartburn, menopausal symptoms, muscle aches, even seasonal allergies – all with very good results. To have Juan open his practice in Tucson is of great benefit to residents and visitors alike, and on my quarterly visits to Tucson I look forward to being treated by him."

- Mickey Sulzer


"I have been in the healing arts for over 30 years and have never worked with a healer as powerful as Juan Tejada. He is an extremely competent, compassionate, and accurate healer. He has worked “miracles” on my neck & back pain, herniated disk, circulatory system, immune system, lack of energy, emotional traumas, and depression. He has helped me to gain a renewed sense of strength, courage, love, & understanding of myself and my world. Thank you Juan!"

- Namaste, Karen Snyder
Retired RN


"The people at American Health Acupuncture are exceptional. I have tried many different methods of healing over the years for my chronic sinus and digestive problems and my lack of energy. I had even been to another acupuncturist without success before coming to American Health Acupuncture. Within a few weeks of acupuncture treatments and herbs at American Health Acupuncture, I was a completely new person. There is a beautiful calm and healing energy in their office and the best part is that the fee is so reasonable! I cannot recommend American Health Acupuncture highly enough. I am truly grateful for having found them!"

- YR


"For the first time in years, I am pain free in my hip. Thank you for all that you do for so many. I am looking forward to seeing you again and healing my whole body."

- With deep gratitude, L.B.


"A New Way of Living Life. Thank heaven for these true healers! From the moment I stepped into their office, I knew I was in the right place to get help with my health problems. In addition to the acupuncture treatments and herbs, my acupuncturist counseled me on eating a healthy, balanced diet that is right for me as well as helped me to view the world as the beautiful place that it really is. Truly, I can’t thank them enough for all of the care and support they have given me. I absolutely recommend the American Health Acupuncture team to everyone."

- Lorianne


"I would love to share with your new patients that you not only offered relief from pain but gave me wise words to live by. I think of your comments daily, which were and are so helpful. You are a true healer and a gentle, caring man. Thank you for being here for me this past winter. You started me onto a releasing program to help my body and mind heal. Thanks Juan."

- M.O., A Happy Patient


"I miss getting to see you, but use what you have taught me and hope to return soon. You have helped me so much on this healing journey after all my surgeries. It was one of the best things I ever did for myself was come to American Health Acupuncture! Thank You!"

- Judy Backenkeller


"Your new place is wonderful – so comfortable & relaxing. You are doing wonderful work. And your enthusiasm is contagious (as always). Thank you for welcoming me and helping me with my healing. You are both treasured friends. I can’t imagine where my journey in life would be without your help with navigation. I don’t have a GPS, but maybe I do, you are my GPS. Thank you for your friendship & guidance over the years."

- Love Always, Theresa


"Painless, Effective, and MORE! WOW! I had no idea what to expect, but after my first treatment, I was hooked! Juan and Sherry Tejada at American Health Acupuncture are friendly, professional, and very easy to talk to! The acupuncture and herbs have helped me with my stress levels and inner peace, which in turn has helped with many other issues. I highly recommend them and can’t wait for my next appointment!"

- Dr. Amanda R. Smicklas, Life is Good Chiropractic - Tucson, AZ

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Additional Reviews

10 Stars!!!

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- ramonassanctuary

Wonderful staff and amazing experience. I was treated with dignity and respect. I felt better after just one treatment. They've been in business for years and I wouldn't go anywhere else! Thank you for such great care!!

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- Carmen Bollinger

Juan Tejada is the best acupuncturist I've ever been to! He's treated me for hot flashes, migraines, pink eye, muscle pain (back, neck, knee), and more. The atmosphere is so calming and soothing that I find myself not wanting to leave. Within a few needles, he asks me how the pain level is on the migraine, and often after his healing touch and precision with the needles, the pain is gone! I wouldn't recommend anyone else but American Health Acupuncture!

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- juliaayalasmarykay

At the risk of sounding dramatic, Juan Tejada saved my life. He helped me cure myself of things physical and psychological. I have been asked by friends what the herbs are - I really don't care. All I know is that I feel XX years younger and look forward to a healthy future - thanks to him. Before I went to him, I really had no opinion of acupuncture. Now, I am an apostle.

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- mjmckitis

Juan is a very gifted healer that goes beyond acupuncture and includes the whole person both past and present. Their office environment is so peaceful and healing from the moment you walk in you immediately start to feel better.

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- lebergie

I have been to many healers and acupuncturists. Juan is truly gifted, intuitive, and dedicated. After five months of trying many doctors and healers, I found Juan and Sherry, and within a couple of months my progress is remarkable. Their dedication, love, and nurturing environment is a humble gift they give every day.

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- jarae

Juan and Sherry stand apart from all other practitioners in Tucson. Their healing, guidance, and support has been life-altering. Juan has a unique gift for tapping into the most beneficial healing energy at that moment. Sherry is compassionate and thorough as she shares resources and insights. Their warm greeting brings joy as soon as you walk in. The AHA experience is truly healing on many levels. Without hesitation, I recommend them highly.

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- TC

I started seeing Juan over XX years ago following anterior / posterior spinal fusion. His treatments not only helped with my healing, but reduced the amount of prescription drugs I took. Now I see him on occasion for a "tune up". Looking back at my experiences with Juan, I truly feel as though he is the one person who is the closest to a healer I have ever met. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

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- bisbeegraeme

Hi, mi nombre es Otilia Baeza y nomas quiero dar mi opinión sobre acupuntura. A mí me ayudado mucho he tenido dolor por varios años y desde que estoy con tratamiento con JUAN, Me siento mucho mejor y doy gracias a Dios, Y a el por qué me siento mucho mejor física y mentalmente, Yo lo recomiendo el 100% Mil gracias.

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- o-baeza7

En American Health Acupuncture he encontrado una alternativa a problemas de salud que la medicina tradicional no ha podido darme, he logrado sentirme mejor y no recurrir a tanto medicamento como antes . Sherry y Juan me hacen sentir que soy una persona especial y que siempre están allí para ayudarme .

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- emponce

Juan y Sherry hacen que tu experiencia con un acupunturista sea excepcional . Desde el momento que cruzas la puerta , sientes la buena vibra y la energía fluir. Gracias a sus tratamientos pude dejar de tomar antinflamatorios y relajantes musculares . Vivir sin dolor de una manera natural es posible y ellos me ayudaron a lograrlo.

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- clponce

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