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Freezing the Spleen & Stomach – Digestive problems – Tucson Acupuncture

Juan Tejada- Tucson Acupuncturist

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the Spleen and Stomach are in charge of transforming and transporting; this means that the Spleen transform what we eat into Qi (chee) and then it transports it to the organs, muscles and so on. The Spleen/Stomach likes to be  warm (at about 100 degrees F.) so when we eat/drink cold foods, the Spleen and Stomach get cold and are not able to process the food as the stomach has cooled down. This slowing of the digestion until the stomach warms up again creates phlegm and we all begin to grow sideways (get fat). For our health and wellbeing it is important that we eat and drink warm foods to help the Spleen and Stomach to be efficient in their function, this way they provide us the energy that we need to perform our functions. Be GOOD TO YOUR SPLEEN, eat warm foods!

  • Ice Cream:  The worse food according to Oriental Medicine because it is cold, has sugar, and dairy. Substitute Nut Milk (homemade is easy to make for drinking milk. If you must have yogurt, choose Non-sweetened Organic and add your own fresh fruit and if needed a little honey.

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