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Month: May 2019

“¿Qué hidrata? – ¿Qué deshidrata?”

Muchos pacientes le preguntan a nuestros acupunturista que tienen que hacer para sentirse bien y contentos. La conversación cubre muchos temas, pero uno de los factores claves para la salud es la hidratación de nuestro cuerpo.

Nuestros pacientes comparten con nosotros la cantidad de bebidas gaseosas, café, y bebidas deportivas como Gatorade que beben. Muchos no saben que estas bebidas deshidratan por lo que necesita beber más agua para re-hidratarse. Algunos expertos dicen que hay que beber por lo menos 1/2 galón de agua (dos litros) para mantener el cuerpo hidratado.

Podemos comparar el cuerpo con un coche… si no se le pone la cantidad adecuada de fluidos (agua, aceite y gasolina)… El coche empezará a funcionar mal y finalmente no funciona. El cuerpo es igual, necesita agua para funcionar correctamente. Cuando estamos deshidratados nuestra sangre se vuelve espesa y nuestro corazón trabaja más duro para bombear el fango, este esfuerzo extra causa las palpitaciones del corazón o algo peor. Además, el cerebro no recibe suficiente sangre y se pone caliente… eso causa dolores de cabeza o migrañas.Queremos que usted sea sano así que le recomendamos tomar agua filtrada en vez de refrescos y bebidas deportivas. En caso de que no le guste el sabor del agua potable, exprima un poco de jugo de limón en un vaso de agua, después de tomar el agua con limón, ponga una pizca de sal en la punta de su lengua. Esto le ayudará a su cuerpo a procesar mejor el agua y mantenerse hidratado! 

Lee acerca del proceso de sancion ¡AHA!

Natural Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, and Emotional Issues

Natural Treatment for Anxiety

Answering questions in blogs in the internet that ask “Does loneliness put women at risk of heart problems?” The answer is yes!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a person that feels lonely or depressed already has imbalances that affect the body, mind and spirit.

TCM does not separate the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual.  The whole being is affected by emotional situations that linger because the person is unwilling or unable to resolve in a loving way. Holding onto feelings of anger, resentment, fear, causes the chi (our body’s life force) to stagnate creating all sort of imbalances that eventually turn into pain and other physical conditions. TCM treats these conditions every day with Acupuncture and in combination with Medicinal Chinese herbs.

Natural Treatment for Anxiety can start here

How do we prevent ourselves from becoming emotionally stuck? By not taking things, people and ourselves so personally; we take everything so seriously that it keeps us from enjoying life. By meditating/praying and realizing that this life is too short to bother with things that keep us suffering and taking good care of our physical, mental and spiritual health!

At our Tucson Oro Valley Marana Acupuncture Clinic- we practice Traditional Chinese Medicine and  include Life coaching with our “Optimum 1 hour” treatment- which helps our patients gain a new perspective and tools on how to do life easier.

You have Natural Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, and Emotional Issues! Call us to find out more about this wonderful healing medicine- that is so much more than just needles.

Here you’ll be treated with care. Our facilities are ran by Juan R. Tejada, an acupuncturist. He has received his degree in oriental medicine from the Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With over 22 years practicing acupuncture in Tucson, you be assured you’ll be in good hands.

Acupuntura para Dolor de Codo de Golfo

María vino a verme por un “problema de codo de golf “, porque ella juega al golf y no al tenis. Su codo le había dolido por varios meses y le estaba afectando su juego de golf, así como su vida. Le encanta el juego y le gusta ganar siempre, en la casa tenía problemas para hacer el trabajo de limpieza.

Según María, el dolor se redujo en un 70% después de 2 tratamientos. Al seguir con los tratamientos, comentó que ella estaba durmiendo mejor, que su marido había comentado que era más fácil tratar con ella, que la relación entre ellos estaba mejor. María se dio cuenta de que los tratamientos de Acupuntura y las Hierbas Medicinales Chinas le sanaron más que su codo de tenis. Ella vino una vez a la semana para su tratamiento y se maravillaba de cómo su juego de golf había mejorado, de  cómo se sentía de relajada, de cómo podía hacer más sin cansarse.

La mejor sorpresa para mí fue cuando María me dijo que “su marido me amaba” porque la relación matrimonial entre ellos era la mejor de su vida de casados.

Casos como éste me hacen la vida más plena, me da mucha alegría ver a los pacientes sobresalir de sus problemas físicos, mentales y emocionales para poder tomar las riendas de sus vidas y vivir sanos y contentos.

¡Gracias, Maria!

Acupuncture for Golf Elbow

Acupuncture for Golf Elbow

Mary (name has been changed) came to see me for a “Golf Elbow” problem; she played golf, not tennis.  Her elbow had been painful for a few months and was affecting her golf game as well as her life.  She loves the game and likes to win every time and at home she had problems doing the house work.

According to Mary, the pain had been reduced by 70% after 2 treatments. As we continue the treatments she commented that she was sleeping better, that her husband had commented how much easier married life had become.  Mary realized that the treatments were helping her beyond healing the tennis elbow problem.  She came once a week for her treatment and marveled at how her golf game had improved, how rested she felt, how she could do more now without feeling tired.

The best for me was when she told me how much her husband loved me because she (Mary) was so much easier to get along with.  Cases like this one make my life fuller; it is such a joy to see the patients come in with a lot of physical, mental, emotional problems and feeling out of control and leave transformed. After a few sessions they begin to feel good take control of their lives again! Thanks Mary!!!

Get Acupuncture for Golf Elbow today

At our Tucson Oro Valley Marana Acupuncture Clinic- we practice Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We have Acupuncture for Golf Elbow, as well as many other sports injuries. The sooner you can receive an acupuncture treatment after an injury the quicker it will heal. So don’t wait! Call us today and begin feeling and living a better quality of life.

You also have natural healing options if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, and emotional issues! Call us to find out more about this wonderful healing medicine- that is so much more than just needles.

What is Juan Water?

As the office manager at American Health Acupuncture in Tucson AZ, I get to hear all the amazing success stories directly from our patients as they come and go from our clinic. Recently, a mother and her 17-year-old son, coming in for treatments from Sierra Vista, shared a short conversation they had earlier in their car during their trip here.
He asked his Mom if she could make “Juan Water” again. He missed it. I asked them both what was “Juan Water”? They told me that both of their kids enjoyed having it available in the home while they were growing up. His Mom said she liked to have it available on the counter in one of those self-dispensing water jugs, so they could help themselves all day long. They drink little to no soda in their family.
You see, the son had been treated by our Acupuncturist, Juan Tejada, since he was 7 years old, for many conditions that youth’s encounter during the growing years. One of the very first times he had come in for acupuncture, he was told of how to make his water more flavorful and most of all…healthy to drink. Add a pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice to your water. This actually benefits the body by helping the spleen with the absorption into the body. * When severely dehydrated, use lots of fresh lime/lemon juice and add sea salt so you can taste it.
What a great healthy choice and a great practice to raise a healthier family. At such a young age, he actually “Got  It!” WE constantly re-educate our patients about natural ways to feed and fuel their bodies. Water is one of the least liked beverages in our U.S. culture,  but most important fluid we can put into our bodies.
“So next time you reach for a drink, make it “Juan Water” and hydrate your body with a natural electrolyte combination.”
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