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Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Oriental Medicine (OM) views symptoms, like fibromyalgia, as a complex set of imbalances in the BodyMind and Spirit.
The body has been denied water, good food, rest and relaxation; so its energy (QI) is not flowing normally. The blood is thick due to lack of water and other factors. Because of this, the heart is stressed from the thick blood and thus cannot pump it through the body easily. The organs are not operating normally due to the lack of Qi and blood; which makes the tissues, tendons, muscles, skin, and bones not get nourishment. This causes pain, among other conditions.
The mind is unsettled because of the pain, the inability to understand the suffering, and not knowing when it is going to stop.  Patients become frustrated, because the pills are not helping, and because many times, patients are told that the pain is in their head and no one believes the intensity of their pain.
The spirit is upset because it does not get rest; it is next to impossible to sleep because of the pain.
We, at American Health Acupuncture, understand this pain and condition. We commonly treat this imbalance and have had many success stories. Let us help you to be a success too.
Funny how we need to have the 300 year old modern medicine verify that the 5000 year old medicine actually works!