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Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine Facts About Bone Broth

Bone Broth or Bone Marrow Broth, it’s a good natural medicine. For 20 years our Tucson Acupuncturist Juan Tejada has shared his recipe with thousands of his acupuncture patients.

Recently- a wave of Bone Broth products have come out on the market. This has created some confusion to what is the best for our patients.  Juan says 1st and foremost recommends:

1-      Natural real beef bones with marrow prepared into his broth recipe and then used in soups or consumed as liquid/broth are the absolute best way to get all the nutrition and health benefits.

Note VERY IMPORTANT:  Juan’s Bone Broth recipe (given to new patients) uses Traditional Chinese Medicine’s ancient knowledge of using lime/lemon juice to boil the bones to extract the calcium from the bones…. and then uses 3 secret key ingredients to take out the acidity from the beef bones.

2-      Do not use chicken bones- they are too hot according to Traditional Chinese Medicine food energetic’s – especially for women.

3    Because some patients were asking for processed pre-packaged products to use in a pinch….
We decided to research and contact two highly advertised Bone Broth suppliers of pre-made bone both products for a confirmation of their ingredients.

Quite a surprise for me was – I didn’t know that I would need to ask what kind of bones they use for making their Beef Bone Broth until she told me they were made from boiled chicken bones and not sure if they had marrow in them.

I gave up in all good conscience to recommend any as they have been industrialized and processed until the life giving energy is mostly all gone. Besides, it’s so easy to make your own, delicious, and more economical.

Questions to ask when selecting real marrow bones or  any industrialized products are:

  1. Which animal are the bones from?
  1. Asking if they contain any marrow in them before they process is a must too.
  1. Were the bones form the animals 100% grass fed and grass finished? (no corn or feed lot at any part of the life of the animal) (And not the term “vegetarian diet”- this just adds confusion to waht you are getting. Their natural diet is just grass and what they eat becomes what you eat.)
  1. Did they process the bones with lemon or lime juice or vinegar? And for what length of time?
  1. Also note any chemical names or flavorings, spices or flavorings that are not named or any use of sweeteners should not be listed in the ingredients. This is a Major red flag!

So needless to say- There are no shortcuts to good health! Just take a little time and do it! Make the real deal and gain the health benefits. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

  4 easy ways to cook bone marrow bones:

1-     Electric pressure cooker with a timer (no evaporation and only 4 hours on high temp) Note; the Longer you cook them the more your leach the good stuff out from them. We usually set our Electric pressure cooker on the canning setting and cycle it several times for about 6 hrs and then overnight on slow cooking setting for 12 hours.

2-     Slow cooker- 12 hours approx. (monitor water levels)

3-     On the side burner of your grill (boil 3-4 hours monitor water levels)

4-     On your stove top ( boil 3-4 hours monitor water levels)

(Hint:  I prefer to cook outside – keeping my home free from food odors from the above 3 examples.)

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