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Tucson Acupuncture for Migraine Headache

Reap the benefits of Oriental Medicine

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Is it possible that it will work just as well for you?

Reading this article reminds me of Joanne. She has been coming for two weeks because she was tired of her migraines after 18 years of taking drugs for them.  Last week, she brought tears to my eyes because she was so happy. She told me, “Yesterday was the first day in so many, many years I did not have a migraine headache”!

You do not have to fire your doctor to reap the benefits of Oriental Medicine; but you do need to call and make an appointment to begin your road to perfect health!  We’re here to help!

Acupuncture Treatment for Low Back Pain


And what causes Low Back Pain according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tucson Acupuncturist – Juan R. Tejada L.Ac.

Many of our patients come to us because of low back pain because they know or have been told of the effectiveness of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat this condition.

In TCM we treat the Kidneys system and open the channels of energy with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicinal Herbal Formulas. For us in TCM, poorly functioning or weak Kidneys makes your lower back susceptible to being injured easily.  Also, an obstructed/blocked Bladder channel can cause the muscles of the back to more tense for lack of Blood or Chi making the lower back (especially) susceptible to being injured. Most people get results within five treatments but we are all different so not everybody reacts the same.

TCM or Oriental Medicine has healed millions of people with conditions like this for thousands of years in a natural and loving way without side effects.

To find out more how you or a loved one can be helped naturally without drugs or surgery call us today to schedule a consultation exam.

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Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Oriental Medicine (OM) views symptoms, like fibromyalgia, as a complex set of imbalances in the BodyMind and Spirit.
The body has been denied water, good food, rest and relaxation; so its energy (QI) is not flowing normally. The blood is thick due to lack of water and other factors. Because of this, the heart is stressed from the thick blood and thus cannot pump it through the body easily. The organs are not operating normally due to the lack of Qi and blood; which makes the tissues, tendons, muscles, skin, and bones not get nourishment. This causes pain, among other conditions.
The mind is unsettled because of the pain, the inability to understand the suffering, and not knowing when it is going to stop.  Patients become frustrated, because the pills are not helping, and because many times, patients are told that the pain is in their head and no one believes the intensity of their pain.
The spirit is upset because it does not get rest; it is next to impossible to sleep because of the pain.
We, at American Health Acupuncture, understand this pain and condition. We commonly treat this imbalance and have had many success stories. Let us help you to be a success too.
Funny how we need to have the 300 year old modern medicine verify that the 5000 year old medicine actually works!

The Choice is YOURS: Chinese Herbs or Prescription Drugs. Why use Medicinal Chinese Herbs?

 Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbal Formulas (Prescribed for the last 5000 years):

Juan R. Tejada Acupuncturist – Practicing Since 1997

The formulas are healing and usually are prescribed for a short time to create changes/improvements in the condition being treated, once the desired changed happens, a different formula is prescribed.  The medicinal herbs are not addictive and gently nurture organs, tissues, blood, body fluids, and bones to heal the imbalances in people and animals. The side effects are:   that you begin to feel well.   Formulas are never prescribed for life. Modern formulas are sold as capsules and powdered granules to make into a drinkable small tea for easy use.
Chinese medicinal herbs do not mask or put the condition that you have to sleep, nor suppress it. Rather it strengthens the organs and balances the body. They are calming and energizing as well as being non-invasive to digestion.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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Acupuncture for Injury

Tucson Acupuncturist shares how we can Fix it!

Juan Tejada – Licensed Acupuncturist in Tucson Since 1997

A few years ago, I worked with a patient by the name of Paul.  Paul worked as a health care giver when he was injured in a training session.  The instructor selected Paul to demonstrate a technique to restrain mentally challenged patients.  When the instructor forced Paul’s body into the restrained position; Paul felt something give. He had to use a cane to walk after that. The pain was constant. He could not relax or do his job anymore; so he felt useless.

Three years later, I did his first Acupuncture treatment and prescribed Juan Bi herbal formula (that alleviates painful obstructions). This was on a Monday.  On Wednesday, I saw him at the grocery store without the cane so I asked him about it.  He smiled and said, “I don’t need the cane anymore, my leg is only stiff now.” He received two more treatments and did not have the pain anymore. He was happy with his new life.

Find out more about how we can Fix it at American Health Acupuncture in NW Tucson. 


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