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Counting our Blessings – Natural Changes


I imagine that, like me, you have been watching all the natural changes/disasters going on all over the world; and like me, you are wondering what you can do to help.

You can volunteer or help economically but if you cannot do either, then I have a suggestion. I suggest we all work on ourselves to make this a loving world so Mother Nature does not have to remind us that we are abusing her.

One of my teachers told me that “the best gift I can give to myself and others was to work on healing myself”. There are many ways we can do this healing work. As an Oriental Medicine Practitioner, I teach and coach my patients with many healing tools that they use themselves to improve their everyday life. Beginning with us and sharing this peace with our brothers and sisters is powerful and contagious.

So let’s work together to heal ourselves and live in harmony with Mother Nature!