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Acupuncture for Infertility

Infertility and Acupuncture – Tucson Acupuncturist

Infertility and Oriental Medicine
Infertility in Oriental Medicine (OM) has to do with the Kidneys system. This system is responsible for many functions in our body; reproduction and development are among them. In order for conception to take place the Kidneys need to be healthy, have lots of blood and Chi, and the temperature has to be perfect so the Sperm and the egg can find each other and interact in a balanced way. What affects the Kidney system? To prevent zapping your Kidney system whenever possible avoid being cold, taking drugs (both legal and illegal), manage your stress, don’t eat junk food, avoid drinking sodas, take good care of yourself. In Oriental Medicine, we work with the Kidney system (with Acupuncture and Medicinal Chinese Herbs) in order to help couples make babies naturally. Of course, the other organ systems are also helped in this process. When the Body, Mind and Spirit are working together, life is much easier and a piece of cake to make babies.
A great book addressing this is written by Radine Lewis, Ph. D. Master of Science in Oriental Medicine –

“The infertility Cure”