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The Choice is YOURS: Chinese Herbs or Prescription Drugs. Why use Medicinal Chinese Herbs?

 Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbal Formulas (Prescribed for the last 5000 years):

Juan R. Tejada Acupuncturist – Practicing Since 1997

The formulas are healing and usually are prescribed for a short time to create changes/improvements in the condition being treated, once the desired changed happens, a different formula is prescribed.  The medicinal herbs are not addictive and gently nurture organs, tissues, blood, body fluids, and bones to heal the imbalances in people and animals. The side effects are:   that you begin to feel well.   Formulas are never prescribed for life. Modern formulas are sold as capsules and powdered granules to make into a drinkable small tea for easy use.
Chinese medicinal herbs do not mask or put the condition that you have to sleep, nor suppress it. Rather it strengthens the organs and balances the body. They are calming and energizing as well as being non-invasive to digestion.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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Acupuncture for Injury

Tucson Acupuncturist shares how we can Fix it!

Juan Tejada – Licensed Acupuncturist in Tucson Since 1997

A few years ago, I worked with a patient by the name of Paul.  Paul worked as a health care giver when he was injured in a training session.  The instructor selected Paul to demonstrate a technique to restrain mentally challenged patients.  When the instructor forced Paul’s body into the restrained position; Paul felt something give. He had to use a cane to walk after that. The pain was constant. He could not relax or do his job anymore; so he felt useless.

Three years later, I did his first Acupuncture treatment and prescribed Juan Bi herbal formula (that alleviates painful obstructions). This was on a Monday.  On Wednesday, I saw him at the grocery store without the cane so I asked him about it.  He smiled and said, “I don’t need the cane anymore, my leg is only stiff now.” He received two more treatments and did not have the pain anymore. He was happy with his new life.

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Belly Massage for Healthy Digestion

Your health is in your hands and we, at American Health Acupuncture – Tucson Clinic,  strive to help you in every way we can to achieve optimum health.  Here is another technique that you can use to maintain your organs functioning efficiently. The goal of this therapy is to massage your intestines, stomach, liver, kidneys, lungs, spleen and the muscles that hold them inside.  You do this by massaging your stomach in a circular way around your navel.

It is more comfortable when done in an empty stomach. Begin with light pressure, then increase it but make sure that it is not painful.

While you shower, massage your stomach as follows:

  1. Before you rinse the soap from your stomach, put both hands (one on top of the other) just below your navel and begin to move them towards your left, continue in this direction around your navel for 12 cycles. This portion removes blockages that prevent your digestive system from operating 100%
  2. Now reverse the direction, move your hands to your right and continue around your navel for 12 cycles.  This energizes the digestive system to function 100%.

By doing this technique several times a week your digestive system will function efficiently!

Acupuncture for Digestive Problems

Freezing the Spleen & Stomach – Digestive problems – Tucson Acupuncture

Juan Tejada- Tucson Acupuncturist

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the Spleen and Stomach are in charge of transforming and transporting; this means that the Spleen transform what we eat into Qi (chee) and then it transports it to the organs, muscles and so on. The Spleen/Stomach likes to be  warm (at about 100 degrees F.) so when we eat/drink cold foods, the Spleen and Stomach get cold and are not able to process the food as the stomach has cooled down. This slowing of the digestion until the stomach warms up again creates phlegm and we all begin to grow sideways (get fat). For our health and wellbeing it is important that we eat and drink warm foods to help the Spleen and Stomach to be efficient in their function, this way they provide us the energy that we need to perform our functions. Be GOOD TO YOUR SPLEEN, eat warm foods!

  • Ice Cream:  The worse food according to Oriental Medicine because it is cold, has sugar, and dairy. Substitute Nut Milk (homemade is easy to make for drinking milk. If you must have yogurt, choose Non-sweetened Organic and add your own fresh fruit and if needed a little honey.

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Acupuncture for Allergies


Tucson Acupuncturist – Juan Tejada – American Health Acupuncture

The Fall brings us the beautiful color of the leaves at the end of their cycle and the cool weather that we Arizonans brag about. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we relate this process to the Lungs with its emotions of melancholy, sadness and grief. This energy change makes the Lungs more sensitive and that is why lots of people suffer from fall allergies. To help with the allergies, we treat the Lungs to make them strong and the Spleen to boost the immune system.

In case you were not aware, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicinal Herbs treats allergies successfully.  It usually takes about 10 treatments to heal them and then, depending on your constitution, come for occasional tune ups.

Why suffer through this beautiful Season – when you can heal your allergies with Traditional Chinese Medicine?!

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