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Home remedies and nutritional therapies

Home remedies and nutritional therapies

Have you noticed….There are so many great herbs and nutritional therapies being shared everywhere regarding their natural healing benefits? However, that being said….

BE WARNED!!!!!! Sometimes making the wrong adjustments to your body’s chemistry can cause more harm than good.

1 – Taking single herbs are rarely a good idea. Which ones would you benefit from?

2 – Detoxing may not be a good idea either! How do you know a detox is right for you?

3 – Eating Smoothies or raw fruits/vegetables may cause a problem for many people.

In short (VERY SHORT SIMPLIFIED explanation)….

1 –  Herbs are best introduced into the body in a combination with other herbs or as the whole plant or maybe using the flowers only, or the leaves only, or the stems only, or the roots only. It depends on the physical or emotional change you are making to bring the body into balance. Most of us are not trained in the pharmacology of these plants and may cause the body more stress, add more heat, too cooling etc…. Knowing what your particular body’s needs are as well as it’s constitution is important.

2 –  Detoxing can strip the body of much needed energy when someone is ill or getting close to illness and may cause a healing crisis in many different ways. Doing a detox is best after bringing the body into a more balanced state. Then the detox process can help move the toxins out of the body without depleting the person’s energy or immune system or their capacity to heal. In TCM we have formulas that naturally aid in detoxing without depleting the body. (Again – everything in balance.)

3 – Something a simple as a smoothie can cause the body to more imbalanced. Many smoothie recipes may sound healthy and healing- but may cause an opposite effect. Example: too sweet with too much fruit or too cooling for a person who has digestive issues, or blood sugar levels, etc…. One needs to know what combinations of spices, or ingredients help to balance a raw beverage and which ones are beneficial for your individual body’s constitution. This is crucial in order to gain the nutritional healing benefits.

Your best choice in doing these home remedies and nutritional therapies isknowing what your particular body type needs. In Traditional Chinese  Medicine (TCM) we take into account all of this when treating our patients with herbs, acupuncture, and make nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to bring their body’s back into balance and wellbeing.

Before doing a detox or trying a new supplement or single herb (ie:  Tumeric, Macca Root, Aloe Vera Juice, etc….) please check with your healthcare practitioner and learn what your body needs.

Remember too-

“Your body’s needs are always changing – so must what you ingest! 

That way you will always be at your optimum!”

Good luck & best of health!

Receive the whole medicine as it was meant to be (not just acupuncture) and then get the best and fastest results by choosing a fully qualified and fully trained acupuncturist (with a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine)- The experience of your practitioner really does matter! Get the results from an experienced Acupuncturist in Oro Valley, Marana, and Tucson – American Health Acupuncture – So much more than just needles! With Home remedies and nutritional therapies you can be assured you’ll have the safest treatment with us.

Acupuntura para Fibromialgia la Condición Malentendida

Y aquí hay algo de ayuda para los enfermos de fibromialgia que están buscando los recursos naturales:

La diagnosis de “fibromialgia” se da a menudo cuando nada encaja. Para nosotros, esta condición significa que la energía y la sangre no fluyen normalmente y esto causa dolor, entre otras cosas. Es una condición complicada porque incluye lo mental, lo emocional, así como el aspecto físico de la persona.

La fibromialgia es para mí la manera que cuerpo dice a la persona “Tenemos problemas físicos y emocionales y tenemos que resolverlos”. El cuerpo es nuestro sistema de alarma, cuando no se siente bien, tenemos que mirar hacia dentro para ver lo que hemos hecho para causar el malestar, pero la mayoría de las veces nos tragamos una pastilla para aplacar el dolor/malestar y nos olvidamos de ello. Por supuesto, algún tiempo después, volverá y si seguimos tragando píldoras con el tiempo el malestar se vuelve crónico.

En la Medicina Tradicional China (MTC) tratamos estas condiciones de forma natural y eficaz y los pacientes terminan siendo saludable y felices.

Treating Fibromyalgia with Acupuncture and Medicinal Herbal Formulas in Tucson

Here’s some help for those suffering from fibromyalgia who are seeking natural remedies:

The label “fibromyalgia” is often given when nothing else fits.

For us, this condition means that the energy and the blood are not flowing smoothly, that causes pain among other things.  It is a complicated condition because it includes the mental, emotional, as well as the physical aspect of the person.

Fibromyalgia, for me, is the body’s way of saying to the person: “We have physical and emotional problems and we need to resolve them”. The body is our alarm system, when do not feel well, we need to look within to see what we have done to cause the discomfort; but most of the time we reach for a pill or injection to deaden the feeling and then we forget about it.  Of course, some time later, it will come back and if we continue to reach for the pill eventually becomes chronic.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we treat all these conditions effectively and naturally and our patients end up being healthy and happy!  So if you have been given this label and want to begin to help yourself; contact us today.

6 Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

Do these simple things before Feb. 5th 2019 (Chinese New Year) to capture our New Years energy boosting changes.

Using Feng Shui – These 6 Tips will Revitalize your home

Ladies….even a guy can do these quickly, so no excuses!

Bring the healthy energizing energy into your home and keep your life flowing easily – by just doing these 6 simple things:

  1. Keep your front walkway and entry to your door swept clean – this allows prosperity and beneficial energy to come into your home.
  2. Keep shoes away from the door- shoes laying by the front door kicks out the abundances flowing and coming into the home.
  3. Keep the dust away inside the home, remembering to dust your computer and TV screens – this removes stagnant or dead energy.
  4. Keep your windows and mirrors clean- allows new solar light energy to flow freely keeping your home in a positive emotional state.
  5. Remove recycle or donate old dated magazines and newspapers (even the old National Geographic)this allows new opportunities to come your way, instead of being stuck in the past and not moving forward in life.
  6. Keep both toilet seats down when not in use, otherwise it flushes all the good energy down the drain.

Optimize the New Year’s energy by Feng Shui-ing your home and see what positive changes happen. At the very least it’ll feel much better.

Counting our Blessings – Natural Changes


I imagine that, like me, you have been watching all the natural changes/disasters going on all over the world; and like me, you are wondering what you can do to help.

You can volunteer or help economically but if you cannot do either, then I have a suggestion. I suggest we all work on ourselves to make this a loving world so Mother Nature does not have to remind us that we are abusing her.

One of my teachers told me that “the best gift I can give to myself and others was to work on healing myself”. There are many ways we can do this healing work. As an Oriental Medicine Practitioner, I teach and coach my patients with many healing tools that they use themselves to improve their everyday life. Beginning with us and sharing this peace with our brothers and sisters is powerful and contagious.

So let’s work together to heal ourselves and live in harmony with Mother Nature!

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